Contact Us:

Mr. Jose Arenas

Chief Human Resources Officer
(602) 455-6700

Dr. Tanya Whiteford

Director of Human Resources
(602) 455-6788

Ms. Cathy Romero

Administrative Assistant
(602) 455-6765

Ms. Julie Hurtado

Benefits Specialist
(602) 455-6716

Ms. Guadalupe Solano

Substitute Coordinator
(602) 455-6733

Ms. Pat Padilla

HR Specialist - Classified Staff
(602) 455-6747

Ms. Heather Salazar

HR Specialist - Classified Staff

Ms. Melissa Cruz-Lopez

HR Specialist - Certified Staff
(602) 455-6715


Welcome to ISD's Human Resources Department Landing Page

The Human Resources Department supports all aspects of employees in the Isaac School District (ISD). We believe communication is extremely important and we want to hear from you. We will listen, answer your questions, and take your input. We look forward to serving you whether you are an existing employee or a new candidate. For questions pertaining to the following categories, please contact us using Let's Talk!