Isaac Families and Community,

The COVID-19 Community Level has been at Low levels for 2 consecutive weeks. In our ISD mitigation plan, mask wearing is now optional in school settings and in district buildings, effective April 4, 2022. Mask wearing is now based on individual preference, informed by individual risk. We highly encourage mask wearing based on an individual's risk and environment.

  • Exception: If students and staff ride a bus, mask wearing is REQUIRED ON BUSES through April 18th. 

Mask wearing is highly encouraged based on individual risk and environment. 

Many factors contribute to your family’s decision to mask or not to mask. We ask that this transition is done with compassion and respect for everyone's individual masking choice. 

Please make sure to...

  • Communicate with your child(ren) that everyone will be making different choices based on their preference

  • Communicate what your family decision is, and share the expectation of masking with your child(ren).

  • Communicate with your child(ren) that it is unacceptable to question/pressure others about masking choice.

  • Communicate that masks are NOT optional on school buses. They are REQUIRED.

We will continue to have masks available in our schools for students who ask for one.