Dates: August 20, 2021- September 3, 2021 
Data Gathered from: Parents/Guardians and Students (4th-8th grades)
Report: Thought Exchange Summary

Dear Isaac Families & Students, 

The Isaac School District conducted a Thought Exchange beginning August 20, 2021 to learn about our student and parent/guardian thoughts on Isaac's decision to mandate all staff and students to wear masks indoors during times of high transmission in our community. The invitation to participate in this Thought Exchange was sent to all district families through email, text, robocall and social media. 

There were a total of:

At the conclusion of the exchange, our goal is to share the data summary.

The following link provides key data points: Thought Exchange Summary

We look forward to hosting future Thought Exchanges as this allows all stakeholders an opportunity to share their voices and inform the decision-making process. 

Thank you for your time and input in sharing your thoughts about our mask mandate.