BRAVOcado Award

We are proud to announce that the Isaac School District (ISD) received the school year 2020-2021 BRAVOcado! Excellence Award!

"The FFVP BRAVOcado! Excellence Award recognizes schools that go above and beyond to operate a phenomenal FFVP program. To be eligible for the award, sites must meet the criteria related to a variety of produce items served, frequency of service, frequency of nutrition education, frequency of serving local produce, development of site-level and outside partnerships, and more!"

Isaac School District demonstrated excellence in their FFVP operation in school year 2020-2021 by:

  • Served a minimum of 15 different fruit varieties
  • Served a minimum of 15 different vegetable varieties
  • Provided nutrition education at least twice a week
  • Maintained local and community partnerships within the program