Moya PBIS Store

Students can use their earned pride tickets to trade in for a prize. 

There are so many prizes such as stuffed animals, Moya T-shirts, water bottles, stickers, pencils, keychains, fidget spinners, mini notepads, slinky, play dough, and so much more!

A big shout out to everyone who made this possible. Thank you to Mrs. Ortiz for driving around Phoenix picking up generous donations. Thank you to Ms. Carney for picking up some games for our students. Thank you to Ms. Dancil, Monique, and Araceli for helping clean and set up our PBIS Store. Thank you to Ms. Simpson for the welcoming signs. Thank you to our Moya parents for the decorations and bulletin boards. Thank you to Dr. LoMonaco for supporting everyone in the process!

We received donated toys, books, legos, board games, a foosball table, an air hockey table, and a billiards pool set! The store will be Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7:30am.

Go Moya Mustangs!


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Pool table   Foosball table   Air Hockey  

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