Safety First

Safety First

Important Steps to Follow to Ensure your Student's Safety: 

1. Establish consistent procedures for your child each day after school. 

2. Adhere to the routine that is familiar to the child. 

3. If you must change the way your child goes home, whom your child will be going home with, or where your child will be going after school, WE REQUIRE WRITTEN NOTIFICATION TO THE TEACHER THE MORNING THAT THE CHANGE IS MADE. 

If you pick up your child by car each afternoon, please exercise patience and caution in the busy parking lot. Thank you!


KG - 5th Grade Drop-off Morning Procedures

- Parents will enter through the east side entrance to the parking lot. 

- Vehicles are to stay in the right lane and wait to pull up to the drop-off area. 

- Students are to remain in their vehicles and get off closest to the curb. 

- All parents should pull up all the way up to the second crosswalk (south crosswalk). This will help with movement. 

- The second lane will be blocked to ensure students are safe when getting out of their vehicle. 

We appreciate your cooperation and patience as we work on maintaining a safe environment for everyone. Please refer to the pdf provided below to see more details. Thank you! 

M.E.S. Morning Student Drop-Off Procedures