Message to Certificated Staff

Dear Isaac Educators,

First, thank you for your cooperation and flexibility during this crisis. It is a challenge balancing the safety of students and staff, delivering learning opportunities, providing meals and ensuring all members of the Isaac School District continue to be compensated without disruption.    

We have received several questions regarding compensation for classified staff since yesterday’s communication. All non-essential staff reassigned to at-home work duties and will remain on call during their normal work hours to provide services as requested. These employees will be paid their regular wage and salary during school closure. 

It is expected that while assigned to at-home work (on call), you are available to return to work at a moment’s notice within reason and that you will be required to provide services as requested that can be done from your home environment (checking district email daily, attending all video conferences as invited etc.) Supervisors may assign tasks to an employee who is reassigned to at-home work.

Per Governor Ducey’s Office and Superintendent of Public Instruction Hoffman these guidelines must be followed in ordered to continue the compensation of our employees during school closure as outlined below:

 “School closure is NOT a complete shutdown of school operations and instructional obligations to students. During school closures, staff are still expected to engage in work-related activities, and students and families are expected to meet the instructional requirements of their teachers and schools.” 

At this time the Isaac Elementary School District is preparing for the possibility of an extended school closure. We are working to provide online learning for K-8 reading and mathematics. Teachers are directed to do the following: 

  • Participate in the webinar this Friday (3/20/2020) to be delivered by our partner Curriculum Associates. This training will allow us to give access to all of our students in Grades K-8 to i-Ready online instruction.   
  • Communicate with their students’ family to conduct wellness checks
    • Inquire if they are aware of our meal program and available work packets. 
    • Inquire about their access to technology. Mr. Berto Perez, Director of Technology will send a communication with the specific information we need to assess our ability to deliver online learning. 

ADE has communicated that school districts will continue to be funded as if they were in session and staff will continue to be paid. If we continue with our current plan, makeup days will not be necessary. We should have new information shortly regarding the legislative changes to support our current actions during school closure.

Please remember that there are still many unknowns regarding the coronavirus and we are making adjustments as we go with guidance from the Governor’s Office and the Arizona Department of Education.

Thank you for your dedication to our Isaac Community!