Distance Learning Instruction

  • What is Distance Learning? 

    This mode of instruction as intended for ISD has the following components:

    • Students do not need to be physically present in the classroom to learn.
    • Online learning tools are the main method of instruction and engagement. 
    • Printed materials may be made available to students to support and enhance their learning experience.
    • Teacher-led instruction, teacher-student interaction, and student-student interaction are an essential component of the distance learning experience.  


    ISD Curriculum
    Teachers will use the adopted curriculum resources as the main source of online instruction.  Adopted curriculum printed materials may be made accessible to students to enhance the distance learning experience (e.g., handwriting, print concepts, decodable books, practice workbook pages).  


    Accessing Lessons and Assignments
    Students need to sign in to Clever to access Google Classroom, lesson assignments and educational apps.  

    Student Login:
    Go to: clever.com/in/isaaceld5
    Click:  Log in with Google
    Username: Student lunch number@isaacschools.org (55555@isaacschools.org)
    Password: Isaac$chools


    Once signed in to Clever, Google Classroom will contain daily/weekly assignments for your child.  Through the Google Classroom Meets Link, you and your child will be able to access the daily live lessons with the teacher, small group instruction, class meetings and teacher Office Hours.  

    Google Classroom

    Week-at-a-Glance Learning Guide
    The Week-at-a-Glance Learning Guide will be shared with families before the start of the week to help families and students stay organized and build routines for learning at home.  The Week-at-a-Glance Learning Guide includes:

    • Class Meeting times 
    • Office Hours times 
    • Daily Activities and tasks to be completed 
    • Reminders


    Office Hours
    Office Hours are teacher virtual meetings with students and families.  During Office Hours, teachers will be available for individual conferencing with students and families to answer questions, provide feedback and progress updates.  Families need to email or call the teacher to schedule an appointment with the teacher(s).


    Daily Lessons

    • Students will have daily live lessons with their teacher.  Live lessons will be recorded.  Lesson recordings will be made available to all students, in the event they are absent, missed attending the live lesson, or would like to review the lesson.
    • Students have assignments to complete independently every day.  These assignments are in Google Classroom. Since our main goal is student learning, students may submit completed work within one week of the due date without penalty.    



    Meeting the Needs of All Learners

    Exceptional Learners:  Special Educators and Related Service Providers (i.e. Speech Therapists, Occupational and Physical Therapists) will provide special education and related services to students according to the services outlined in their individualized education program (IEP). Special education services will be provided according to the method and service location outlined in students’ IEP (i.e. inclusive services that are co taught versus services that are provided outside of a general education classroom). The IEP team will determine the special education and related services, as well as the mode of delivery required to provide a free appropriate public education (FAPE).

    English Language Development:  Emergent Bilinguals will be given targeted language development lessons and activities by a certified SEI teacher to support continued progress in language instruction using the English Language Proficiency Standards.


    Social Emotional Learning

    School Counselors and Social Workers will provide whole-group biweekly Social Emotional Learning (SEL) instruction. They will collaborate with students’ classroom teacher(s) to ensure that SEL lessons are scheduled outside of the required content area instructional framework. Individualized and small group skill-based SEL instruction will be based on teacher referral and take place outside of the required content area instructional framework.