Etiquette for online meetings, trainings and tele-conferencing

  • 1. Choose a quiet location
    Choose a quiet location when meeting online, preferably away from family, pets and any distractions that may get in the way of your online meeting. It is easy to forget that ambient noises can be picked up on your device's microphone. It is also important to note that your microphone should be muted when you are not speaking. 

    2. Test your technology
    Do not wait until the last minute before a meeting to make sure your technology works. This is a good time to test your microphone, camera and the audio on your end to ensure you don't miss out on anything during an online meeting. 

    3. Ensure you are following District dress code policy
    Dress as you would in an in-person meeting. Not only is it appropriate but it will also help you stay in "work mode". 

    4. Ensure the camera view on your device is conducive to a professional meeting
    Making sure to review what your camera sees prior to the start of the virtual meeting/PD is important. Wherever you choose to sit, make sure there is plenty of light and preferably a neutral background. 

    5. Be on time - be respectful
    Log on to your meeting at least 5 minutes prior to it beginning. Be respectful of time and ensure that you also stay until the meeting is finished. Give your virtual meeting your full attention, it can be easy to begin to scroll through your email but it is good etiquette to be present online and give the speaker your full attention.

    REMINDER - Although we may be working from home, please remember that we are public employees. People outside of Isaac may request to view these meeting documents at a later time.