• Resolution re: COVID-19

    On August 6, 2020, the Isaac Governing Board approved and adopted a Resolution in response to the COIVD-19 pandemic for the following:

    • temporarily suspending in-person learning
    • calling for the creation of a district wide Mitigation plan
    • to submit to the Arizona Department of Education, the district's distance learning plan
    • arrange for on-site learning opportunities and support services for students who need a place to go during the school day.
    • implement a policy requiring face coverings
    • to continue to pay its employees during periods of school building closures, in conformity with Order 6 of Executive Order 2020-51


    Copy of the resolution in English


  • Mario Ventura, Ed.D.


    James Milam,
    Executive Assistant



    Yardley Zamorano, ,
    Communications Specializt