• The success of our community depends on how prepared today’s students are to succeed in work and life. We must empower the next generation to succeed by teaching them how to manage their money, be ready to enter the workplace and to think innovatively.

    Junior Achievement of Arizona is doing just that. We are changing lives! Our programs are far-reaching (80,000+ primarily low-income students each year!) and have a meaningful, measurable impact – not just for the students we serve, but their families, their future employers and the community overall. We are giving these students the tools and confidence to break poverty cycles and achieve new heights!

Thank You
  • A big thank you to all of the volunteers who took time off of their busy lives to come to PT Coe and spend some quality time with our students. The day was a huge success and allowed the children to dream about jobs/life outside of the classroom environment. We hope that it had as much positive impact of you as it did to our students. Thank you again - The Staff of PT Coe-