About Isaac SD No. 5

  • Our Motto
    Dedicated to Student Success.
    Our Vision Statement
    Preparing students to engage in a dynamic and complex world with endless opportunities for personal and professional growth.

    Our Mission
    To provide a safe, supportive learning environment by promoting critical thinking, creativity and innovation, social, emotional, and physical health, and democratic responsibility so that every child can reach her or his highest potential.
    "A.C.C.T." for Isaac Kids
    The Isaac School District will consistently focus on Accountability, Communication, Collaboration, and Training to develop and implement the strategic goals.

    Isaac School District provides a broad spectrum of learning environments, programs and extracurricular activities to help nurture and grow the whole child. We offer preschool for Isaac families and full-day kindergarten to prepare our youngest students for their academic careers. Our music and band programs are recognized as being among the best in the state. Our students have access to exceptional technology to help them learn how to function in the modern environment. And our sports programs not only help children live healthier lives, they serve as a point of pride for our community.

    Isaac School District is dedicated to the model of Continuous Improvement. Continuous Improvement is a method used to systematically improve educational outcomes over a period of time.

    The Continuous Improvement Process includes four key steps:

    • Plan: Develop a strategy for an area that needs improvement.

    • Do: Work on finding solutions for that area in need.

    • Study: Analyze the results to see what worked and what did not.

    • Act: Replicate what worked in more classrooms and schools.

    Our biggest asset is the people in our District who are committed to improving educational results for our students, and are willing to examine a variety of different ways to make those improvements happen. When our talented team members are engaged, we can work together to create a brighter future for our students.