• Attendance Matters

    At Esperanza Elementary, we believe that regular attendance is an essential part of academic success.

    Our goal is to achieve 97% -100% attendance every day. Please help your child learn by scheduling all doctor's, dentist and other appointments after school hours.

    If your child is going to be absent, please call the attendance line at 602.455.6998 and leave a message including your child’s name, his or her teacher’s name and the reason for the absence in a message. Do not leave emergency messages on this line.

    Tardy Policy

    • Students will be marked tardy after missing one or more periods during the school day.
    • If a child arrives late (after the 7:40 bell), we require an adult to sign them in at the front office.

    Attendance and the law

    The state of Arizona requires that all students attend school 90 percent of the school year. A student that is absent more than ten percent (18 days) of the required number of school days per year is considered to have “excessive absences” whether the absence is excused or unverified (unexcused). An absence is defined as a minimum of one missed class period per day.

    The state of Arizona has implemented a Court Unified Truancy Suppression (CUTS) program to increase school attendance. Students who are frequently absent will go through the CUTS process: 

    1. At 5 excused or unverified absences, a warning letter is sent home. 
    2. At 10 excused or unverified absences, a conference with school administration is required.
    3. At 15 excused or unverified absences, a conference with the school administration and a CUTS probation officer are required. 
    4. ***At 20 excused or unverified absences, parents (and/or children) will be referred to court and may be cited. 

     *** The only exception is for a documented chronic medical condition or other district approved extenuating circumstance with documentation.



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