Mr. Garry Glay



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Mr. Garry Glay

  • We are about to embark on a new and exciting school year! I would like to start by welcoming all of our new teachers to Morris K. Udall and I would like to thank all of our returning teachers for making last year great. It is my core belief that every child deserves, and must be provided with a quality teacher, a rigorous and challenging curriculum, a positive, nurturing, and collaborative learning environment, and a school staff and faculty that is committed to doing what is best for children. In our academic programs our students learn through doing. We learn from each other everyday in the classroom through the use of cooperative learning and peer tutoring. We also provide opportunities for students to work together on projects, teams, and clubs around the campus in order to build an awareness of other’s strengths, knowledge, and talents.

    We are committed to incorporating technology at Morris K. Udall Middle School. Each day our students can interact with SMART Boards, cps responders, chromebooks, and I-Pads in order to continue to advance towards the digital future that lies ahead. We also have a strong STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) presence on our campus. We offer advanced math classes such as Algebra and Geometry as well as before and after school opportunities thanks in large part to our 21st Century Grant which provides students with great programs such as our science and robotics club, our Rubik's Cube Squad and our tutoring clubs. 

    I hold high expectations of students, staff and myself.  Students must be taught expectations and held accountable for their learning through the use of best teaching practices. Students should be disciplined with dignity and respect.  We must motivate and reward students with extrinsic and intrinsic incentives.  Hard work, discipline, and dedication lead to success.  We will celebrate student accomplishments in the classroom and as a school through positive reinforcement with genuine praise and feedback, certificates, assemblies, and reward ceremonies.

    At Morris K. Udall, we believe our students can achieve whatever they want in their lives through hard work and commitment. We will support our students through all of their endeavors and provide for them a positive school environment that makes students want to come to school everyday. We encourage all parents to be active partners with Morris K. Udall Middle School. There are many opportunities for parents to volunteer around the school and within the classrooms.   All parents are welcome to take an active role through our Parent Teacher Organization. We also offer learning opportunities for parents as well through our MKU curriculum night, parent workshops, and numerous parent education classes that take place at the Heart of Isaac. I look forward to working together with you to ensure the success of all students. Together we will make a difference in the lives of our children!


    Garry L. Glay