J.B. Sutton's Educational Instruction

  • The Isaac School District Curriculum Maps are designed as a guide for  teachers through the instructional planning process.

    Our curriculum map template is inspired by the Understanding by Design (UbD) framework created by:

    Wiggins & McTighe, which aligns with the standards, instruction and assessments, and it guides our teachers in implementing a standards-based curriculum that leads to student understanding and achievement.


     The Curriculum Maps for each grade level is organized into units of study, each are broken down into three stages of the instructional planning process:

     Stage 1: Identify desired results that are aligned to the priority standards. (What students should know, understand and are able to do.)

     Stage 2: Acceptable evidence to assess student progress toward desired grade-level results (including Illuminate common district assessments)

     Stage 3: Plan and organize learning experiences that are aligned with Stage 1 and 2. Stage 3 of the curriculum map serves as a catalyst that leads into site-based instructional planning in Professional Learning Communities (PLCs).