• Student daily attendance will be taken and recorded.  Evidence of attendance includes:  

    • Student participation in a virtual meeting or classroom session 
    • Contact with the teacher that day via telephone, email, or messenger 
    • Daily assignments completed and submitted by the student
    • A parent attestation or documentation of time spent on educational activities
    • Assignments submitted that were due on that day 
    • Participation in an online learning session during school hours
    • Student participation during scheduled related academic or social/emotional services. 


    It is expected that parent/guardian shall, to the maximum extent possible, ensure their child participates in the distance learning program by having them log in to Clever and submit work and academic activities during the school day. 

    • Parent/guardian should email/call their child’s teacher(s) if their child is unavailable for the designated class time. 
    • The parent/guardian is encouraged to call the school’s attendance line and leave a message or email/call the student’s teacher(s) to excuse an absence. 
    • Parent will respond to teacher emails and phone calls. 


    The student will receive an unexcused absence when: 

    • Student does not participate in any part of the learning activities for the day.
    • Student or parent/guardian does not contact the school or teacher.
    • The parent/guardian does not call the attendance line and/or teacher to excuse the absence 
    • The teacher is unable to reach the family.

    We are aware that all family and student circumstances may vary, especially during these unprecedented circumstances. The student’s teacher is available to ensure the success of the students. Should the parent have any questions about this policy, or distance learning in general, they can contact the school attendance clerk or school administration.