• Schedules and Visual Supports

    Motor Activities

    Communication Supports

    • Boardmaker is a tool to provide visual supports for communication for students who are nonverbal or have limited verbal abilities. A 30 Day free trial is being offered during school closure. 
    • Helpkidzlearn is a website that provides cause and effect resources, games, iPad apps, and eye gaze software. 
    • Story Place is a website that provides English/Spanish interactive stories and songs geared towards Pre-K students that target vocabulary and literacy. Adobe Flash Player is required.
    • Do2Learn is a website that provides information and different interactive activities on disabilities, development, academic areas, social skills, and picture cards that can be used for functional communication opportunities or for the development of a visual schedule. 
    • Spanish Mama is a resource website with links containing multiple online resources to teach Spanish or do activities in Spanish.

    Behavior Supports

    • This website has some ideas to set up first-then charts to use when teaching and working at home. Follow these three steps: 
    1. Show the student the first/then card, point to the two symbols, and say “First (Activity 1), then (Activity 2)”. If the student resists or gets off task, show them the card again and repeat this phrase. 
    2. When the first activity is done, show the student the first/then card again and say “(Activity 1) finished!” while pointing at the first visual on the card. Then point to the second activity and say “Now, (Activity 2).” 
    3. Begin Activity 2 immediately.
    • This scale can be used as a reminder for children about expected voice volume to use when learning at home.
    •  Download symbols that can be cut out and used as visuals to support communication needs and positive behavior at home.