Isaac Education Foundation

  • Programs
    Heart of Isaac Community Center 
    The Heart of Isaac Community Center serves as a “community health hub” where the Isaac community can obtain support to overcome challenges, create healthy connections, and participate in opportunities that promote leadership and giving back to the community.   
    Isaac Scholarship Program 
    The scholarship program will provide scholarships to ISD alumni who are seeking financial support for postsecondary education including; Universities, Colleges, Vocational schools, and certification programs.

    Scholarships will be awarded to help ISD alumni continue with their academic journey and provide motivation to return and inspire current ISD students to continue with their education and also seek postsecondary education opportunities.

    Isaac Teacher Mini Grant 
     The Teacher Mini grant program will fund opportunities such as professional development, classroom enrichment, school supplies, field trips and anything else that goes into bettering the quality of education for students. Mini grants will range from $250 to $1,000 and will follow a grant application process with submission deadlines. All grants will be reviewed and approved by the IEF Board of Directors.   
    Isaac Internet Cafe
    IEF will seek to address this socioeconomic and technological divide by creating an “Internet Cafe” at the Heart of Isaac Community Center. Designated days and times will be offered to students and families to utilize Chromebook laptops, Tablets and Wi -Fi access to assist with student homework, workforce development, computer skills development, online connectivity, internet safety, and digital citizenship