Our Mission and Vision

  • Our Mission: Pueblo Del Sol fosters lifelong learning in a safe, collaborative environment that nurtures all ability levels and learning styles.

    Our Vision: Pueblo Del Sol will empower scholars with the skills and character necessary to be the positive change they hope to see in their community for the 21st Century.

Message From the Principal

  •  Dear PDS families, 

    As you know, our school will be closed for the rest of the school year in order to keep our community safe. We are deeply saddened that we will not get to see our students on campus again this school year. We are working hard to plan how we can continue to teach and connect with all our students. 

    Reminder breakfast and lunch will be available to be served to all children under the age of 18 at Pueblo during school closure. Breakfast and lunch will be offered between 11:30-1pm (Note- students do not have to be enrolled at Pueblo to receive a meal). Meals will also be provided at bus stops. Click on this link for times and locations of bus the bus routes: https://www.isaacschools.org/Page/1982

    We also have packets available for students and families to pick up outside the front of the school daily from 11:30 am- 1pm. Please come pick up work for your students. Reminder when picking up packets please be respectful of others and maintain a proper distance from people to help keep everyone safe and healthy. 

    If you do have a computer with internet access available for your students at home each student will be assigned reading and math lessons online through the iReady program. Unfortunately iReady is only available on computers or iPads and is not supported on tablets. Some teachers will also be posting resources on google classroom for their students to access. 

    To access iReady lessons follow these steps: 

    1. Go to clever.com

    2. Hit Log in as student. 

    3. Choose Log in with google. (choose add account). 

    4. For the google email username: Type in the student's lunch 5 digit number @isaacschools.org 

    Ex. 12345@isaacschools.org

    5. Type in the password Isaac$chools

    6. Once on clever choose the iReady icon or google classroom icon. 

    7. Explore other apps on clever. 

    To access NAT GEO: Click on Reach for Reading 

    Click the penguin (For Students)
    Password: lovetoread


    The school district has also created a website with resources for students: https://www.isaacschools.org/Page/1836


    Our partner Playworks also has a Play at Home Webpage: A library of videos and other resources featuring games and activities families can play at home. Each game has limited use of equipment and meets the CDC requirements of social distancing. All available free on the Play at Home webpage. You can also follow all videos on social media using #PlayAtHome and #PlayworksAtHome.


    Visit this link below to access other educational resources online: https://www.weareteachers.com/free-online-learning-resources/?fbclid=IwAR0isBK0arL6HwowHveBgbxip1EbXcyCT0RibbnpjE47IeobYd3AGJFehp0


    Another school partner thinkLAW has also made available another resource: Their Hack-a-Thon for Social Change, COVID-19 Edition gives you FREE RESOURCES (download Part 1 and Part 2) to have children be the solution. Parents or teachers, give this resource to children of ALL ages to have them thinking critically and creating amazing ideas! 


    There is a Customer Support Fund for people that have APS as their electric service. This is being put in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic. You can call them and tell them that you need support on your electric bill, and mention the support fund, and they will apply 100.00 onto your account "just like that." APS - (602) 371-7171. 


    If you are in Burkhart or Beebe's Class Please See below for their newsletter. 



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